Branding & Website for a Medical Congress

Colorectal THRIVE




8 weeks


Branding, Webdesign, Web Development

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Current situation & goals

Prof. Michel Adamina, organizer of the Colorectal THRIVE congress, asked us to create the brand and the website for his upcoming congress in April 2024. The goal of the brand & website is, to attract potential participators, speakers and sponsors for the congress - to inform them on the website and convert them to participators.


The branding consists of various elements - the brand logo in different variants (for usage across different media / purposes), an icon, key visuals, branding colors and typography. Since the congress is in the medical sector, it was important to transfer a professional, reliable but modern brand message. This, and the connection to the Fribourg region lead to the choosing of a blue-color palette. The brand message and brand logo was developed in collaboration with an external copywriting team.

Website design and development

The congress website is the main point of information for the potential participators - which made it all the more important to have a high quality, professional look and an easy usability that converts leads to customers/participators. The website was designed to be easily extended (with speakers, sponsors, program points etc.). This is why many components of the website were developed in CMS collections, so they could easily be managed by the congress team. Subpages for the Masterclasses, taking place during the Congress, were additionally designed & developed for SEO-reasons and to make sure, participators could easily find all the information they need.

Tools & Software

The branding elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The webdesign mockup was designed in Figma, where the congress team was able to easily make comments and changes. After the final approval of the design, the website was developed in Webflow - our go-to website tool. Additionally, a congress platform software (Accelevents) was integrated into the website with various embed components.

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