Website, Onlineshop and Extranet for a Food Manufacturer





4 months


Web design, Web development, Onlineshop integration

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Current situation & goals

We were able to support Christian Bruhin, Managing Director of Linthmais, with the rebranding of his company. The project comprised various steps. On the one hand, we were able to support the design of the new packaging, as well as the design and development of the new website. In addition to an online store, this also included an extranet for resellers, which was linked directly to the CRM/accounting tool (bexio) in order to make order processing more efficient for the Linthmais team and offer customers a better user experience.


The new branding elements were defined in the first stage of the project. These formed the basis for the new packaging and also for the design of the website. The logo remained as before and consists of a simple lettering. A bordeaux-red palette was chosen as the colors, which was expanded with beige colors.

Website design and development

The website forms the core of the project. On the one hand, it is intended to serve as a source of information for potential customers, but above all to sell products. The online store contains a selection of Linthmais products that can be purchased by credit card or Twint. In addition, an extranet was developed for resellers, which is directly linked to the business software (bexio). This makes the ordering process easier for resellers on the one hand and more efficient for the Linthmais team on the other.

Tools & Software

Die Verpackungen wurden in Adobe InDesign aufbereitet. Das Mockup für die Website wurde in Figma erstellt - anschliessend wurde die Website mit Webflow umgesetzt. Für die Integration von bexio wurde Make verwendet.

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