We are the team behind blynx

Two creative minds with countless ideas - one of them: founding a digital agency. We are very excited to support our clients from a wide range of industries in building digital solutions such as websites, mobile apps as well as web apps and platforms.

We are a digital agency based in Switzerland

Our office is located in Lachen, right at the lake of Zurich. A small town that’s said to have the most beautiful sunsets in all of Switzerland.

Founded in 2023, our goal is to support our customers in building outstanding, agile digital solutions such as websites, applications and platforms. We work with no-code solutions such as Webflow, FlutterFlow and Airtable, which enables us to be agile, fast and dynamic.


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Melanie Oberholzer

Co-founder & digital designer

Your digital solutions will most likely be designed by Melanie, the digital designer of the team. Although she also works on developing websites, apps and platforms with our chosen no-code tools, she’s usually the one designing them in a first step.

She studied business administration at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and has since accomplished a diploma in User Experience design.

In her free time, you are likely to catch her listening to music, painting or dancing around the living room with her daughter.

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A portrait of Melanie Oberholzer
A portrait of Joel Herzog

Joel Herzog

Co-founder & no-code developer

Joel is the technical genius of the team. Whenever a client needs complex funcionalities integrated in their solution, he’s the one researching and figuring out the ideal solution. He’s usually the one developing the data models and structures.

He’s very experienced and has been working as a product manager for swiss web platforms for multiple years, before founding blynx and now building platforms and other digital solutions for other companies.

You’re likely to see him jogging around town, playing tennis or watching documentaries on no-code in his free time.

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Working with no-code makes us more agile and faster than ever

We built blynx as a no-code agency. This means that we work mostly without code. This makes us a lot faster than using traditional programming. Our chosen no-code tools are for example Webflow, FlutterFlow, Editor X, Shopify and WeWeb.

Customers are often skeptical or prejudiced that no-code solutions are not customizable, not flexible and not scalable. Fortunately, this does not apply to the tools we use - Webflow, for example, is one of the most flexible frameworks on the market and allows us to create completely individual designs. By integrating various other tools, no-code solutions are also very complex in terms of functionality and suitable for almost any use case.

If we ever reach the limits of what is possible with no-code, we sometimes fall back on traditional code. For this reason, practically anything can be implemented using no-code.

We are absolutely No-Code enthusiastic. By using no-code, we are extremely fast, agile and dynamic. We also make a point of empowering customer teams and offer no-code training for this purpose. This way, your team can develop its digital products completely independently.

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The tools we use:

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