Website check for SMEs, startups and corporate

Keeping a website informative and user-friendly over multiple years can be tricky. That’s why we offer a website check, where we analyze the performance, content, structure and usability of your website.

Optimize your website with our website check

You already have a website? Great. We would love to take a look at it for you and analyze, what works well and what could be improved. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is worth a lot! We’d love to help.

Leave us the link to your website and we will take a look at it. For 200.- CHF we analyze the above mentioned points and summarize our findings in a short presentation.

Website with performance indicator

What website aspects are analyzed with our website check?

Illustration of a website mock up

Website presentation

Design matters a lot when it comes to websites. It doesn’t just appeal to the eye, but it helps structure your content and makes or breaks the usability of your site.

We analyze:
✔️  Images and graphics
✔️  Favicon usage
✔️  Color usage
✔️  Design patterns

Illustration of website develoment

Website content

In addition to design, usability and functionality, website content is also a success factor of any website. Texts must not only be written error-free but also meet SEO standards and appeal to your target audience.

We analyze:
✔️  Wording, grammar and spelling
✔️  Page titles and content
✔️  Meta descriptions

Illustration of UI/UX

Usability & accessability

How user-friendly is your website/onlineshop? Do your customers easily find what they are looking for? Usability is just as important as the content and technical functionality of your website.

We analyze:
✔️  CTAs (Call to actions)
✔️  User flow
✔️  Responsibility across devices
✔️  Alt tags

Illustration of SEO

Search engine optimization

It is crucial that your website is visible in search engines. A high ranking on Google helps you increase traffic to your website. We check the SEO performance of your site and give you hands on recommendations.

We analyze:
✔️  Meta descriptions
✔️  Page structure
✔️  Backlinks
✔️  Sitemaps

Ready to analyze your website?

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How do you analyze my website?

We manually screen your website, page by page. In addition, we analyze individual aspects, such as performance, with professional tools. We then prepare our findings in a presentation, develop recommendations for action and send you the analysis.

How long does it take to get the results?

Depending on the size of your website, you can expect the results in 1 - 2 weeks from the order date.