Custom websites with outstanding user experience and SEO

Business cards were yesterday. If you want to be successful today, you need a convincing website and must be found easily on Google. With our help you will have a website that excites and attracts customers in only a matter of time.

Websites that transform your leads to customers

Times have changed and so have expectations for websites. Customers have become more digitally savvy and appreciate a clean, structured and well designed website. It’s the right time to move on from your 10 year old website and invest in a new one. We’d love to support you in building it.

Laptop mockup that shows a website
Multiple desktop website mockups

Website design

Designing websites is one of our favorite tasks. Creating an outstanting, frictionless user experience and bringing in design patterns is crucial for a successful online presence. Our design process unfolds in Figma, an amazing design tool that also allows you to make changes (if you wish to) and take a look at your design before it goes into development. This website mockup is further used as a framework to develop your site.

Website development

We develop most websites in Webflow. This allows us to be fast and agile - and don’t worry, we’re just as flexible as with traditional coding. We also make sure your website meets all the right SEO standards and performs well across all devices. To make the website super easy to manage, we use Webflows powerful content management system (CMS).

What’s included in the website development service:

  • Setting up CSS class system

  • Creating SEO relevant website content

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Setting up functionalities such as online booking systems, forms, CMS, payment and animations

  • User testing and A/B testing

  • Managing and linking domains

Screenshots of Webflow CMS
Website with performance indicator

Website analysis

You already have a website? Great. We would love to take a look at it for you and analyze, what works well and what could be improved. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is worth a lot! We’d love to help.

What the analysis includes:

✔️  Design (User interface)

✔️  Page structure

✔️  Usability (User experience, User flow)

✔️  Performance analysis

✔️  SEO checks

Analyse your website

Let’s optimize together!

Leave us the link to your website and we will take a look at it. For 200.- CHF we analyze the above mentioned points and summarize our findings in a short presentation.

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We focus on the important stuff to make your site perfect

Illustration of UI/UX

Easy usability and accessability

We are experienced in building visually appealing and user friendly websites, while also making sure your site is meeting today’s accessibility norms and standards.

Illustration of SEO

SEO optimized website content

SEO is not just a buzzword to us. We focus on meeting SEO criteria when we write website content, structure the website and help you reach your dream customers.

Illustration of a timer

Fast to develop and further extend

We work with no-code solutions such as Webflow or WeWeb. This allows us to be about 4x faster in developing websites and gives you the opportunity to bring your product to the market fast.

How we work

Number 1 (high transparent)Illustration of a meeting

Meeting / workshop

In a meeting or workshop we define your needs and wishes for the upcoming project.Based on this step, you will receive a detailed offer as well as a project roadmap.

Number 2 (high transparent)Illustration of brand design


Based on your requirements and needs, we will create branding elements such as the brand logo, color palette and typography.

Number 3 (high transparent)Illustration of a website mock up

Mock Up

Building upon the defined branding elements, we will create a design mockup of your future website. This gives you a chance to see what your website will/could look likebefore the go-live.

Number 4 (high transparent)Illustration of website develoment


After your final “go”, we develop your website and (optionally) connect your domain andsocial media profiles, create needed accounts, execute usability tests and check its performance before going live.

Number 5 (high transparent)Illustration of integrations


A go-live of a new or a redesigned website isn't just clicking a publish button and everything is perfect. We created detailed checklists for different go-live situation to make sure the website has form the first moment a great SEO, no broken links (404) or other issues.

Number 6 (high transparent)Illustration of two hands with a flower

Continious Support

If needed we provide continous support for the further development of your site. If wanted, we enable your team to learn how to use the software.

Why is your website so important?

Oftentimes, companies underestimate the effect their website can have on potential customers. But in fact, your website is often the first point of contact between a business and its potential customers. That’s why it’s so essential to make a great first impression. Let us show you in numbers what we are saying:

of consumers believe that a company's website is a reliable indicator of the company's credibility.

Source: Hubspot

of consumers research a company online before making a purchase.

Source: Blue Corona

of users say the experience they have with a brand is just as important as the quality of the product.

Source: Salesforce

Take a look at what we’ve built so far

Our clients are SMEs, startups, corporates and associations.
Check out some of the work we’ve done so far and let yourself be inspired!

Website relaunch for a specialist in concrete cosmetics

Website relaunch for a specialist in concrete cosmetics

We were able to create a new website for the company BKOS, a concrete specialist from Lachen SZ, CH. The new website presents the 7 service areas and focuses on presenting the newest reference projects.

Website relaunch for a Swiss tech startup

Website relaunch for a Swiss tech startup

MM-Welding (a joint venture of the Bossard Group, Zug and skion gmbh) asked us to design and develop their new website.

Website, Onlineshop and Extranet for a Food Manufacturer

Website, Onlineshop and Extranet for a Food Manufacturer

Linthmais, a producer of corn products located in Tuggen and Schübelbach, asked us to create new packaging as well as a new website for their company.

Branding and Website for a Female Health Doctor

Branding and Website for a Female Health Doctor

Dr. Gian-Piero Ghisu asked us to create the brand for his new female health clinic, as well as designing & developing an according website.

Branding & Website for a Medical Congress

Branding & Website for a Medical Congress

The Colorectal THRIVE congress offers more than 50 Expert Lectures and interaction opportunities with key opinion leaders in colorectal surgery from all over Europe. We were asked to support the organizer with the Congress branding, webdesign and website development.

Rebrand and New Website for a Tourism Organization

Rebrand and New Website for a Tourism Organization

The Verkehrsverein Lachen is committed to promoting tourism and culture in the community of Lachen SZ. We were asked to help the association with a rebranding including a new website.

Branding and Onlineshop for a Swiss Musician

Branding and Onlineshop for a Swiss Musician

Bruno Zellweger is a swiss musician and componist. In December 2022, a CD with 14 songs, written by Bruno Zellweger, was released. On his website, the CD can be aquired.

Rebranding and Website for Anja's Power Therapie

Rebranding and Website for Anja's Power Therapie

Anjas Power Therapie supports her clients in (re)building a positive body image and health. APT offers classic massages, physiotherapy and the ComeS therapy method.

Branding and Website for an Online Fitness Coach

Branding and Website for an Online Fitness Coach

Matthias Riesen is the founder of the online fitness coaching business "Riesens Fitness Academy". He asked us to take a look at his existing website and rebrand it. The website includes multiple pages as well as a blog and a membership functionality.

Rebranding and Website for a Health / Sports company

Rebranding and Website for a Health / Sports company

The clinic Pressurtherapie in Tuggen SZ is a regionally known business, which offers its customers a broad range of health and fitness offerings (yoga, Qui Gong, meditation) as well as the treatment method ComeS by Divinita.

Website for a swiss biomed startup

Website for a swiss biomed startup

compagOs is a biomed startup from ETH that aims to revolutionize #drug development in pharma with 3D bioprinting. Using bone organoid technology, compagOs aims to replace preclinical animal experiments used for implant and drug development.

You’ve got the questions.
We’ve got the answers.

Well, at least some of them.
If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, then please don’t heasitate to reach out.
We’d love to hear from you.

Which website tools do you work with?

That depends on the functionality and requirements of your website. Our web development process starts with a workshop or meeting, where we go through everything your website needs. We talk about functionalities, user goals, structure, workflows and so on. On this basis, we then decide on a tool that best fits your needs. We are experienced in working with Webflow, Wix and Shopify but have also worked with Wordpress, Editor X, WeWeb and Hosttech before.

How long does it take to develop a website?

You guessed it - it depends on the complexity of your project. We have developed website in less than 2 weeks before, other projects have taken us half a year. It depends on the urgency the project has for you, the complexity (functionalities, page count etc.), your involvement and other factors. We make sure to talk about deadlines at the beginning of the project and on this basis, we develop a roadmap with specific project milestones and deadlines.

Can I edit my website by myself?

Yes! You do have the possibility to make changes and edits to your site. We definitely encourage you and your team to get to know the website tool and even teach you how to use it. But let's be honest - designing is not everyones talent. That's why most of the time, our clients ask us to keep the design control but edit texts, change images etc. themselves.

Will you maintain my site for me?

We can, if you want us to. Alternatively, we sign over everything to you and provide you with support if you have any questions.

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