Rebranding and Website for Anja's Power Therapie

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8 days


Branding, Marketing, Webdesign, Web development

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Current situation & goals

Anja Rüegg, owner of Anjas Power Therapie, already had a website, which was outdated and no longer met today's requirements for a modern website. So the project goal was to rebrand the company's market presence and rebuild the website. The website was previously implemented in Wordpress and was now rebuilt by blynx with the modern, agile no code solution Webflow.


Anja's Power Therapy is strongly committed to the five elements, which is why they have become part of the logo. The colors chosen in the CI/CD are in line with the practice's colors and are used throughout the branding. Business cards, practice signage and notepads were also created as promotional elements.

Website design and development

In contrast to the old website, the website content was SEO-optimized and the content was revised. Important for the design of the website was to show customers the variety of treatment methods and to explain them in a simple way. Likewise, attention was paid to presenting the competencies of the owner Anja Rüegg as well as offering interested parties simple contact options for making appointments.

Tools & Software

As usual for blynx, the web design was first built in Figma and approved by the customer. Subsequently, the website was implemented in Webflow. The branding elements as well as specific graphics were implemented in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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