Branding and Onlineshop for a Swiss Musician

Bruno Zellweger




4 days


Branding, Webdesign, Web development

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Current situation & goals

blynx was asked to design and develop a simple, yet well structured website and onlineshop for Bruno Zellweger. The site includes a biography of the musician, a shop and audio samples of the 14 songs on the CD. Additionally, a contact form ensures an easy communication between end consumer and musician.


The branding and styleguide were kept fairly simple. A logo was created that also acts as Favicon of the website. The key visuals in the hero section of the website represent localness, swissness and authenticity. On the site, a lot of images of Bruno Zellweger from over the years help the end consumer relate to the musician.

Website design and development

The heart of the website is the onlineshop. Hence, it was crucial to ensure a user-friendly and optimised shopping process. This was accomplished by providing customers with audio samples, creating workflows and setting up automated communication. Lastly, SEO optimizations were made to make sure the site is optimally positioned on Google.

Tools & Software

As usual for blynx, the web design was first built in Figma and approved by the customer. Subsequently, the website and onlineshop was implemented in Wix. The branding elements as well as specific graphics were implemented in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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