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Current situation & goals

Gian Nutal Schädli from compagOs approached us with the need for a simple one page website. Since the team of compagOs is currently still in the process of building up the company, the focus was on creating a website that could be easily expanded and supplemented. In addition, branding basics were established, which will provide the team with a foundation for the further development of the company. We wish compagOs much success in its development and look forward to further cooperation!


The compagOs logo already existed and was not adapted. The color palette was adapted according to the logo. The strong blue and green looks modern, but conveys professionalism and trust. In compagOs branding, a style guide and several customized icons were also created.

Website design and development

The structure of the compagOs website is very simple and will be expanded in the upcoming months. The compagOs team wanted to be able to independently edit the website content and to be flexible in adding content. This is why various CMS elements were created for the future. Of course, user experience and responsiveness (desktop, tablet, mobile) were considered and realized as always.

Tools & Software

According to the blynx project process, the website mockup was designed in Figma. The requirements of compagOs for the website lead us to propose a development in Webflow, which was accapted by the client. Additionally, Adobe Illustrator and Indesign were utilised for the creation of icons and other branding elements.

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