Branding and Website for a Female Health Doctor

Praxis Dr. Ghisu




6 weeks


Branding, Webdesign, Web development

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Current situation & goals

Dr. Gian-Piero Ghisu asked us to create the brand for his new female health clinic, as well as designing & developing an according website. One of the key factors to keep in mind for the website was to make it easily usable and informative.


The branding consists of various elements - the brand logo, color palette, typography, iconography and key visuals. As a doctors clinic, transferring a reliable and professional brand message was especially important. To communicate Dr. Ghisus focus area, female health, according key visuals were picked. Also, an icon representing the fallopian tubes was created and integrated in the brand logo. For the color palette, beige and neutral tones were chosen, also aligning with the colors in the clinic.

Website design and development

As the website only consists of a few sites, the website structure is rather simple. The main goal of the website is to perform well on the common search engines, to inform patients about the treatment areas and to make sure potential patients know where to contact the clinic.

Tools & Software

The branding elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The webdesign mockup was designed in Figma. After the final approval of the design, the website was developed in Webflow - our go-to website tool.

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