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5 days


Branding, Webdesign, Web development

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Current situation & goals

Tanja Fuchs, owner of Pressurtherapie in Tuggen SZ, approached us with a request to redesign her existing website. Her wish was to rebuild the website as a one page site and to inform her customers as clearly as possible about the offers, prices etc.. We are very pleased with the project and are happy with the final result. We are looking forward to continue working for Pressurtherapie in the future.


The Pressurtherapie logo already existed and was not adapted. The new color palette consists of three colors and is complemented by a key visual, which is used on the website, on business cards and also on flyers.

Website design and development

The structure of the website as a one-pager presented us with the challenge of still ensuring an optimal user experience and not overloading the user with information. For this reason, only the most important menu items are listed in the navbar. Optimal responsiveness was also very important, which had to be taken into account and individually implemented, especially when viewing the timetable and the price list.

Tools & Software

As usual for blynx, the web design was first built in Figma and approved by the client. Subsequently, the website was implemented in Webflow. The branding elements as well as specific graphics were implemented in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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