Rebrand and New Website for a Tourism Organization

Verkehrsverein Lachen




8 weeks


Branding, Webdesign, Webdevelopment, SEO

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Current situation & goals

The Verkehrsverein Lachen approached us with the request for a rebranding and a new website. The goal was to present the tourist office in a more modern and younger way. The website was also to be greatly expanded in terms of content and be easy for the board to manage and add to. The old website was managed by Hosttech - the new one was designed in Figma and built in Webflow.


Since the Verkehrsverein stands for the public, it was important to incorporate opinions from the public into the branding as well. Therefore, a survey was launched on social media with the aim of finding out what is associated with the tourist office and Lachen SZ. The results and the opinions from the board (harbor, lake, water, sun) were then analyzed by blynx and incorporated into the logo design. The logo now stands for water, blue sky and the sun (dark blue, light blue, yellow) and was kept simple. The branding guidelines were edited accordingly.

Website design and development

The new website was designed in Figma and approved by the board before development in Webflow. The core of the website are the CMS collections for activities, events, gastronomy, hotels and clubs. They ensure that users find relevant information on the website. In addition, the user goals were defined and corresponding user journeys, forms and CTAs were integrated. The key visuals were shot by Dominik Leimbacher at blynx' request and make the site attractive to the eye.

Tools & Software

The branding elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The website was designed and tested as a visual mockup in Figma. It was then developed in Webflow and equipped with the desired functionalities.

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