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Current situation & goals

The old BKOS GmbH website had become obsolete and no longer represented the company values ​​or no longer met the quality standards. That's why Jonathan Havel, Managing Director of BKOS, came to us with the request for a new website. The aim is not only to inform website visitors about the 7 service areas and to show relevant reference projects, but above all to improve the Google ranking. To achieve this, we optimized the website content and structure according to SEO best practices and enriched the content with specific FAQ sections. A Google Ads campaign rounded off the launch of the website.


BKOS already had an existing logo and individual branding elements. For the new website, however, the brand colors were reconsidered - and the decision was made for a strong blue. Together with key visuals of the various materials (concrete, etc.), this made the new website attractive. The new branding elements also provide a good starting point for future developments.

Website design and development

To implement the website, we relied on Divhunt - an emerging, modern no-code tool. The user experience is kept interactive through animations in the hero area and CMS collections enable the customer to easily manage the website. The BKOS website was of course designed to be responsive and promises an optimal experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Tools & Software

The website was designed as a visual mockup in Figma and further developed with the client. It was then developed in Divhunt and equipped with the desired functionalities.

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