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MultiMaterial-Welding AG




2 months


Webdesign, Web Development

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Current situation & goals

MM-Welding is a Swiss company based in Biel and focusses on revolutionising the fastener industry. When the company was founded in 2017, the first website was also created. However, with the organic growth and success of the company, the need arose for a new website that would provide customers with comprehensive information about the company, its products and their areas of application. The aim of the new website is to increase lead generation via the website. We were able to support MM-Welding with this over several months.


Branding elements such as the logo, colours and typography already existed. The existing branding elements were optimised and integrated into the web design to create a uniform overall image. In addition, we defined suitable key visuals together with MM-Welding.

Website design and development

The MM-Welding website was designed to present complex engineering solutions with a professional look and easy usability. Key features include interactive 3D models of cars, planes, trains, and HVAC systems, enhancing user engagement. The Solutions page offers personalized content based on user personas, ensuring relevant information is easily accessible. The Resource Center provides in-depth case studies and industry resources. Built with a responsive design and robust CMS, the site ensures seamless updates and optimal performance across devices.

Tools & Software

The webdesign mockup was designed in Figma, where the MM-Welding team was able to easily make comments and changes. After the final approval of the design, the website was developed in Webflow - our go-to website tool. Additionally, MS Dynamics was integrated to ensure an easy lead generation process.

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